I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The biggest news is that I will be getting my award from school on Saturday. I am so excited! The Eliza Grace Whipple Communications Graduate Award for Commitment and Creativity. Wow! It makes me feel as though I really did the right thing by, not only choosing the perfect school and program, but also by sticking with my final project until I was truly satisfied...well okay, obsessive me really would have liked to work on it another year –– lol –––but I had to stop and get outside for fresh air. lol
I am so thankful to my school and to my department for the award. Just the fact they are so supportive means more than I can ever say.


Last Saturday it was 60 some degrees out! I went out to the property and discovered no snow or mud in the roadway. I was so happy. That is why I hadn't been out in a couple of months. My mother kept reporting all the snow she was having so I figured there was no way I could park my truck out there.
I was happy as can be, so I dug right in, and I mean dug in. I dug up more rocks for my field stone faced foundation and chimney. I also cleared fallen limb debris from the leach field. I figured since we will be working on it cutting trees, we don't need to be tripping over so many branches.
Opps! I remember I want to get some more pallets before Bro comes home. I use them to pile the rocks and cut hardwood on.

Chain sawing

Bro is coming home Monday and he is ready to chainsaw, chainsaw, chainsaw. Yeah!
We will start with the leach field since that is what I need cleared most right now.
I marked a bunch of trees to come down first. I guess winter cut is better than spring cut, so I hope since there is still a little snow on the ground out there that it is not to late. I am only concerned for the wood I am keeping. I want the red pines for the ceiling beams, and porch posts. A few white pine for the stairs.
The few hardwoods I am keeping are for fire wood not for construction, so I think that doesn't matter as much. They have to dry a year anyway.
I also have dead trees that have to come down. Some are down and those have to be cut up small enough for me to lift off the forest floor. We cannot dig up the forest floor at all. The stumps must remain at a foot high. The county guy said that if he sees any stumps dug up he will make me bring in another foot of sand. Ouch!
I have to peel the red pines right away and that means clearing the area of the peeled bark afterward. Bark is a lovefest for bugs.
I pray we will get it all done and be able to clear the building site as well.
Optimum plan would be to clear leach field and building site, have daughter finish house plans ASAP, have architect do the fine tuning and stamping, file them, get septic layout from county, and get those sand trucks in before my bro comes back in May/June.
If we get the leach field and building plot cleared this visit and he still has time––wishful thinking––then I need to get an outhouse and tool shed put up.
Tool sheds are so expensive to buy I can't believe it! I drive past the roadside places that sell them and I really like how cute many of them are, but too much $.