I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Thursday, February 26, 2009


My final project is progressing. I am sort of laying low on the house (focusing on research on styles) while I finish up my final project. I took off a couple of days of work and got a lot done. It is on Memoir Writing and I love the project. I wish the world could slow down so I'd have more time for everything. I've been overwhelmed with too much lately, so I hope I can not answer the phone, not do laundry, not do any errands and just focus on my paper.

More Breaks

The ex broke his arm again...yes, the same arm. He went back in the hospital for another surgery. Our daughter said he needs to be handcuffed this time. He just can't stay put, but who can. This time it was even more serious because they had to go back in where it wasn't even healed yet and remove the plate, etc. and start over with the whole mess. Yuck.

Seeking Tips

I've written to my cousin; the one who hand built his own log cabin. He and his horse dragged the trees out of the woods while my cousin removed the bark and began his many-year project of building. He had lived in the basement for a number of years while planning the build. He hand pegged the floors and even built the kitchen cabinents by hand. This house is a treasure.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am still in a quandary over what style home to build. There are so many great ones out there and that's without me designing my own. I have researched tons of plans and styles. I love them all.
The timberframe has the barn appeal.
The log home has the cabin appeal.
The stick frame has the change-the-color of the walls every-year appeal.

What's your vote?
1.) Timberframe
2.) Log Home
3.) Stick

No matter what, it will be small. I may become part of the small house movement.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Log Home Company visit

Back to the house project...during all of this truck shopping I visited a log home company.
The salesman, Barry, was very helpful and totally informed. He reported being with the company 30 years. They do just about everything and have many different log styles to choose from.
It was all positive, but may not be what I'm looking for. Fancy Pants houses Wow.
Amazing how log homes are blending into traditional stick frame construction. The old-school hand-peeled log doesn't seem to be very common.
I'm looking for something simple, cute, homey, and with character.

All Mine

I own the new silver truck and it is with me now at work. Done. Fhew!
Thanks Geeksinrome for your name ideas, keep them coming.
A BIG thanks to Bro for finding this truck for me on EBay!
On Monday I am meeting with the Toyota rep to sign over Black Beauty and collect the dough.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Help me pick a name for her

New truck under contract. Finalize tomorrow.
Add your name picks to the comment section. Thanks.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The right truck will come along

The owner of the truck I saw Friday changed his mine and took it off the market.
I'm not sad about it as I am thinking that I will stick with a 2WD anyway. The mpg are better and I discovered that I don't like being up so high in 4WD's. I feel tippy in them.
I just will have to remain careful when I am off-roadin' up to my campsite and to the house property. I'll need to keep a shovel, tow strap, come-along, tracfone, and my AAA card ready at hand. lol
I made out on that excursion Friday anyway because on the way back I stopped in a store that had Keen hikers discounted and with no sales tax! I finally replaced my worn out ones. Next are sneakers. All of my footwear was worn out, no wonder I am having foot problems.
Peace out.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Off to see another one today.
2002 Tacoma, 4X4, 4cyl 2.7L, 5sp, 93,000 mileage, air, CD, casette, bed liner, tilt wheel, dark red, bug screen, 160 hp, split back window.
Asking price $7,900.00 Do you think he'll take $6,900.00? kbb is $7,600.00 for good condition.
Peace out.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lost book

Monday I checked out of the library a memoir book to read as research on my final project. I last remembered seeing it while thumbing through it in my office. I remember seeing it sitting on my staff's desk, on the corner near mine. I always set stuff there because it is usually the only clear foot-square space in the whole office.
Sometime later that day I looked around my bedroom and I couldn't find the book. My floor is covered with books, tissues, socks, very-important-papers, candy, etc. So you'd think I could find a 5x7 white paperback easily. NOT. I sort of put it out of my head got into bed with another one and soon fell asleep. The next morning when I met my ex at his place and while helping him get dressed, taking him to the hospital, listened to him complain, getting his clothes back off and readied for surgery I didn't think about the book.
Later that night at home with my foot pain roaring and the rest of my body exhausted I got on my pink pajamas and sat on my bed. Where was that book? I scanned the floor again and even looked on the piles of blankets on the bed. No book. Now I am really starting to wonder what the heck happened to this book. It must be at work.
The next morning after I washed ex's old clothes and the ones I bought him the night before, I broadened my search. I looked in the dining room and living rooms and a little in the car. I thought about some of the very serious library staff and how appalled they are when someone is late with a book, I wondered what they did to you when you lost one.
A girl I know who works there was talked about for years because she lost so many videos and books. The Director took away her library privileges. The rumor was that her substance abuse using now ex was having her 'steal' them to sell for crack! Most of the materials she lost were children's and you know how beat up the kids books are, scribbled on an all, so these are what she supposedly was getting enough money to buy crack with.
Book Nazi's every one of them.
I knew there would be no way I could buy a used copy from Amazon and have one of the clerks duplicate the stickers bar code thingies for me and just reshelve it. If the girls I use to work with at the hotel would have totally done whatever they could to cover up the loss. One might have even put in the computer that it was a lost item and moved on with her day knowing she was satisfied with a job well done.
But not clerks and especially not librarians. No. They believe themselves to be the protectors of papers stuck together with horse glue like each and every book was their own personal rare collection. By the way, on Amazon, the book sells new for $16. and used for .o3 cents-- I checked just in case I could realize a 'fallen' library staff member.
The only one I knew I could turn to was the clerk who wore the scarlet letter for the mystery loss of books and videos surely eaten by her German Shepard or lost under the pounds of debris in her little girls unswept room. Lu Lu. She was my only hope. Somehow I came to share my miserable tale with her about me loosing the book into the abyss within a matter of hours.
As she pulled down the lost and found box from a really high shelf, she said if maintenance had found it they would have turned it in to circulation, or even if someone else found it that is what they would do. She checked my account immediately.
I shared with her my tale of the hospital and my ex and his broken arm, surgery, and the 7-8" plate the surgeon screwed into his bone, the 32 staples to secure his muscle an skin, and how I had to get him in and out of the car and bring his clothes home and go out and buy him some more and put his boots and all the clothes back in the car and go back to the hospital, etc...and the reality the book is gone.
Maybe in the hospital parking lot snow pile I had to climb over and hope I wouldn't fall in. Maybe in the bag of clothes I had to carry in and out of the hospital. Maybe in the dumpster at work where it must have fallen from the staff's desk into our garbage can picked up and dumped unseen next to the one post-it-note into the bigger can and then to the dumpster. Lu Lu who lived a chaotic dysfunctional double life was the only one of sixty plus employees who would not be shocked by the events that had come about in my life the past four days.
As I wound down, she looked at me and with a moment contemplation, said, "look on the shelf, you never know, someone may have re-shelved it."
Great. I went like a wasp to my thigh a couple of summers ago,. As my eyes focused more an more, I knew this was the book. I recognized the wrinkle on the cover, the food crumbs smashed into the design, and the proper placement of course as Dewey would have loved, and made a hit that was big and scary.
Just like metaphysics proves everyday. We are all connected.
Properly alphabetized under BIO Mullen was "It Takes a Village Idiot."

Walk to work

I have finally given up looking for a truck. I am too tired to think about it anymore.
I am wondering what the heck I am thinking by not thinking about it? Am I planning to walk the nine miles and back to work everyday? Heck no.
Me with my sore foot and the bitter cold. No thanks. In the summer when my foot is better and I have the sun to keep me warm is another thing.
I made a conscious decision a week ago to stop looking. This of course came after I hung up a test drive truck on a pile of snow and had to call for help and then the help (dealer) ran out of gas and left me on the side of the road, and after a 10 hour trip to Brattleboro and back to see a truck with a rebuilt title.
Finally last Sunday, I checked out my Bro-in-Law's two vehicles for sale and decided if the perfect truck doesn't fall into my lap by the time I have to give up the loaner car then I may just buy one of his 'winter cars'.
I have never in my life been so energy sapped buying a vehicle. It's because in the past I just bought whatever $100 would buy, but now I have choices and I have also owned the nearly or perhaps, perfect truck so to buy anything less is just cruel.
I would like, however, to bank half the dough I am getting from Toyota and put it toward the house. I could ride a dirt bike back in forth -- if I had one -- and just freeze my hands and face.