I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


At the event this morning I learned about a new insulation coming out of Canada. It looks really good.
They are building a plant in the South, too.
I also talked to the Quickrete guy about my stress crack. He said to coat the entire wall with Quickwall. It has a plastic fiber in it and is really strong.
It snowed this morning and was really a pretty drive to the restaurant.
I want to clean out more of my house in order to be more organized when it is time to move, but I am not very motivated to do it.
I haven't heard back from the lawyers, yet, about a closing date. I don't care if it takes another month or longer because of snow I can't do anything more at the property right now anyway and once I have the closing I start to pay! lol

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Breakfast with the boys

The lumber yard I deal with is having a free breakfast for contractors this coming week. I was invited, so you know I will be there.

Door prize, gifts, vendors, and food.

Looking forward to Wednesday, but not to the 7:30am meal time. Yikes!

Where do I go?

Don't you just wonder what the heck happens to me when I slack off and don't post for months?

After my previous post I was shocked to find a crack in the wall of my brand new foundation, so I couldn't post while I cried.

Many phone calls and meetings later, it is determined to be a stress crack and not a pressure crack.
Thank God! The mason came back out and put hydraulic cement on the inside and top of the crack.

First he ground out a v shape and then filled it. I wanted epoxy in there because I read it actually bonds the wall where ground shifting can knock out the hydraulic cement. I hope the heck this never happens.

On the outside,  the excavator is going to come back out (for free) and dig the backfill our so I can put epoxy in the crack on the exterior wall.

Winter here now, so may be a while.

A rep from the concrete company came out also. I have heard so many things about the reasons this happened and all of the many repairs that can be done. Let's just hope all is well.

I am glad it is not from the ground up from footing problems or ground shifting as in pressure cracks.

Then I had the walkout wall framed and the foundation capped off for winter, was rear ended in my truck, holidays, cleaning the house, you know, stuff. lol

Be well.