I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Next step

Pay Barry for phase one which was pounding the right hole with the right everything for the well.
Phase two is him bringing out his generator, putting in the pump, and having the health department come and verify the gallons per minute and then take a water sample back to the lab to test the water quality.
Barry gave me his house plans, a passive solar salt box. I like it a lot. It is 28x30 with chimney through the middle, southern windows and none on the north side. Something to think about.
There are so many house designs...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Taking out the slurry.

Valve on the bottom of this long 'pipe' opens and closes allowing the slurry/water to get in and to be released.


Pounding away.


These are pics of the casing being delivered on Monday. Barry put them in on Tuesday and I missed it!

205' and 3 gallons per minute on the water! Yeah! Thursday we were at 180' and 2 gallons per min and then Friday at 5pm we were in the clear. It was so great to see all that fresh clean water getting pulled out of the well on top of the slurry.
I needed 2.5 gallons per minute to be acceptable to the county. It actually was 3.9 at 42 degrees on the sonar. At 50 degrees it was 4.2 gallons per minute but then Barry changed the temp rating to match the gauge that comes with the sonar gun and for our region it is supposed to be at 44 degrees in January and 41 degrees just a mile or so away. so 42 made sense. 
The temp is the temp of the air in the casing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost friend

I received a call yesterday that a guy I knew since I was around 18 died suddenly. I was sure it was a heart attack since that ran in his family.
Today as I was opening my fancy gift I was being told he had committed suicide. He traveled to the next state over, booked himself into a motel, and drank antifreeze. The maid found him, he was hospitalized for five days, and then died. He left behind six children and no note.
JJ, I am sorry you were in so much pain. I pray for you sweet little peanut.

I feel that the tiny-house charm helped me hold on to see that my life will be okay and that there is a bright future ahead of me. Thanks again, Princess, for connecting with me when I needed it.

Charmed life

What a lovely surprise! I have a charmed life because my close friend Princess, Fedex'd me an artisan-crafted silver tiny-house charm! Jill Davis is the artist.
It is this tiny 3/8 inch size silver house and it was in a black fabric cloth bag, in a great bronze colored wrapping paper with several bows tied all around it, and it was Fedex'd. How nice!
It feels like my birthday. This surely will be a good luck piece.
Thank you Princess!

Well update at 140 feet

Barry got down to 140 feet yesterday before he went home. He pounded Monday and Tuesday. Too cold today so he'll come back when it warms up again. We have water just not enough yet. He is in soft rock and went faster and further yesterday. He said when they hit water at the next house up it happened after the soft rock and when he hit hard rock again.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I don't know what I was thinking registering for 12 credits when I only need 6 more to finish. I got carried away with some neat sounding classes. I went to them this week but I dropped the extra ones today. I am sticking with my 6 credit final project on Memoirs and that is it. 
I am much happier with my decision. Now I can continue with the house project, which would have been delayed 'til May, and also focus on getting a truck replacement. I am still looking.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well Guy

Yes! The well guy, Barry Berger, came on Saturday and began pounding. He called me Sunday and let me know..huh. Anyway so Monday and Tuesday I watched before work. Monday he was down 30 feet before I left and Tuesday he was down 60. 
Please pray he hits water the next time he comes out.
The weather has turned frigid so he'll come back when it warms up to 20 degrees.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Log Cabin

I am moving on with my home style selection. The barn guy hasn't contacted me, his barn is still standing so I don't know what is up, but I am not concerned. I love log cabins, too,  and either one is just as wonderful to me. I have been doing tons of research on the floor plans. So many to chose from.  As a kid I loved playing in the barn and the chicken coop. I also had admired log cabins since childhood and I can say they may have a slight advantage in my heart. I am leaning toward the log home.
I visited three log homes last Sunday from around Ma's and they each had their own unique qualities. I like the idea of cutting our own white pine, debarking it, and using it for the house. That's the romantic side of me. But realistically, short of physical manpower, I may go with wholesale milled logs.
I am surprised at how endless the varieties of logs there are and certainly log homes. Even with a simple traditional cabin (which is what I'm headed for) there are so many log choices. And with those log choices also comes construction choices. If I go with round then I'll have chinking. Lots of types of chinking also.
 Then there are the notches. Lots of types, Swedish coping, two notch, single, grooves, splines, etc.  
I have decided on the butt and pass style corners, though. They are the kind I picture when I picture a log cabin.


The best advice I can give the reader is to anticipate changes and lots of time. "The well digger is coming any day." These are the words I keep saying. One lady said, didn't you say that like last week. Well, okay lady, it takes time.
Two mornings this week were welcomed by sleet, today by frigid temps. Barry had already told me that he won't come out in bad weather or below 20-25 degrees. Who can blame him.
I am fortunate in that I am not under any deadlines. Thank God.
I do wish it had happened before school starting next week, but it is no problem.
I am looking for another truck, slowly. I need to get on it. Toyota sent me phase one letter yesterday and said that in 2 days I will be contacted with an offer to buy back my truck. I did go visit it at the dealers last week when I dropped off the reg. It was parked up in back of the dealership, out of the way, waiting.