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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Walk to work

I have finally given up looking for a truck. I am too tired to think about it anymore.
I am wondering what the heck I am thinking by not thinking about it? Am I planning to walk the nine miles and back to work everyday? Heck no.
Me with my sore foot and the bitter cold. No thanks. In the summer when my foot is better and I have the sun to keep me warm is another thing.
I made a conscious decision a week ago to stop looking. This of course came after I hung up a test drive truck on a pile of snow and had to call for help and then the help (dealer) ran out of gas and left me on the side of the road, and after a 10 hour trip to Brattleboro and back to see a truck with a rebuilt title.
Finally last Sunday, I checked out my Bro-in-Law's two vehicles for sale and decided if the perfect truck doesn't fall into my lap by the time I have to give up the loaner car then I may just buy one of his 'winter cars'.
I have never in my life been so energy sapped buying a vehicle. It's because in the past I just bought whatever $100 would buy, but now I have choices and I have also owned the nearly or perhaps, perfect truck so to buy anything less is just cruel.
I would like, however, to bank half the dough I am getting from Toyota and put it toward the house. I could ride a dirt bike back in forth -- if I had one -- and just freeze my hands and face.

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