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Me with Rory

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sammy swears he is coming this Friday and Saturday to cut trees. He said maybe Thursday, but definitely Friday. Yahoo!!!!

I told him I want to get the sand leach field in this coming week, so that it will happen while bro is here to help me. Even if it is to check specifications, etc., or see how many truck loads really arrive, whatever.

If he is able to help out that will be great. I still would like him to cut more hardwood and red pines and some small white pines.

1. Leach field and roadway should be cut down first. Building site last.

2. Leach field tree stumps should be cut flush to ground.

3. Roadway tree stumps should be cut flush to ground for vehicle to drive over (or pulled).

4. Anything tagged with an orange tape is to be cut down.
If it is hardwood, it needs to be cut into stove lengths.
If it is red pine it should be topped and de-branched.

1. Any small white pines (too small for lumber) with a yellow ribbon should be cut down into stove lengths.

The leach field is now 100 x 60 and is perpendicular to Rt 32. I have placed red flags at approximate corners.

We still need area around leach field for heavy equipment access and for Health Dept. request to allow sun and wind to get at leach field for evaporation. This means no shade over leach field.

We have to use our best judgement as to whether some additional trees need to go. We do need room for 10’ high by 8’ wide dump trucks to get in and dump. This means raising the dump box. They must be on level ground to dump.

As for building site, we need truck access to deliver logs/materials, staging area for logs and other equipment, materials, and possible shed.

The most current deal I have with Sammy (since it has changed a few times) is: I am paying him by the hour and Saw Mill is paying me for the logs. Sammy and he are working out transport since apparently one hires a logging truck separate for this. I suggested Logger friend, but Sammy says Logger hires the transport truck, too. The transport guy/truck is someone the sawmill guy uses. Too many and too big for Sammy to trailer. So that is how it stands right now.

BIL cut down two huge red pines yesterday. The sky opened up and we got soaked before the second one got topped.

Had to get another gallon of bar oil ready to go. Get those chainsaws sharpened.

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