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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sand truck Round Robin

The sand trucks are going to start coming in tomorrow morning. I hope I can get to sleep tonight! The sand is for the leach field (septic system) and a huge part of this project. Well, honestly, everything seems like a huge part of this house building project. If u are out my way...bring cold water, we will need it. lol
5 trucks with four loads each will start arriving at 8am tomorrow. That is just tomorrows load. Whew.
Probably going to need 800 yards total. Let's all pray that that is all we need.
20 yards per truck. 400 yards tomorrow. At $11.00 a yard plus 8%tax. To be paid at end of each day.

From the folks who would deliver on my Hill, prices came in (plus 8% tax) at 16.50, 13.00 a ton, 12.00, 11.90 with no tax (sign capital improvement paper), and the winner at 11.00 a yard.

I am almost sick to my stomach. As super excited I am, I am also very nervous. It is a ton of money all at once! I like things spread out....like 10 dollars here, 5 dollars there. lol

County came back out today and was so nice. He said I could leave it the way it is (that Sammy staked already) or move it 15 feet. Sammy and I agreed to split the difference.
Sammy had chosen the most perfect spot that was very level. County thought if we went into the knoll more we would save on the fill for over the pipe from the septic tank to the field. So the way it is staked now works great on its own, but we may be able to maximize the fill for later by tightening it up closer to the knoll now. County, Sammy, and me all agree it is probably 6 of one a half dozen of the other.

Wish me luck. I should bring my respirator, at least dust masks for tomorrow. I bought some of the medical kind as they are flatter and don't fog up my glasses as much as the contractor type do.
I will be chipping branches while Smiley is excavating and the truckers are coming in and out.

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Geeks in Rome said...

this is so exciting!! I hope you can video some of it!!