I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I spoke with cousin G this morning. He and I had written before about my log home adventure and I hadn't thanked him enough, so after a couple of missed calls, we spoke at length today.
He built his own log home probably obver 20 years ago from his own red pines. He had them cut at a mill into D logs with no t & g. He laid them up with two gaskets with an air space in between. He has also helped 2 friends build their homes from manufactured logs.
He is a great resource and cousin all in one. Lucky me. At the end of our conversation he invited me over. I think I will take him up on the road trip offer.
One of the issues I need to resolve is how many and how big around red pines I need. I have started measuring and counting the ones at the property. The property is thickest in white pine which I won't be using for the ceiling beams and posts. For that I need red or yellow (no yellow here). I have found more 8" diameter trees and a few 14" wide ones so far. I thought I needed 14" for the open area and smaller diameter for porch posts.
He said I don't need thicker logs in the open area. I have heard you have to go thicker and he says no because there is no down pressure. It make so much sense.
It is all good info and everything I research opens up so many possibilities.
I think having an understanding that no one answer is perfect will help me with the final municiple approvals.
Cousin said back in the day when he got his approval he drew a stick framed house and gave it to the building inspector. Cousin got the approval and then went ahead and built a log home. Great story! Too bad things have changed so much. I have to have stamped plans (either architect or engineer) for submission.
All of the regulations regulate people right out of the ability to build. Especially poor people. Back in the day a family could scrape together enough money and helpers and put together a concrete foundation that they would live in while they toiled away at building the upper floors. In my county the regulators won't even discuss it. You are laughed at if you mention a grey water system. And if your water isn't mineral free you are paying for a treatment system.

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