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Me with Rory

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am dreaming about M & M ['s]

Yummy, but no, not that kind...Eminem! Yes, the rapper. I dreamt that I was hanging out with him at Ma's and I may have been interviewing him, but it was very casual. There were other people around like friends and his family.
I asked him if he used MacSpeech Dictate when he wrote his memoir. He looked at me in disbelief (at that moment, he knew I knew and so did I) and it took a while for him to formulate words. He asked why I would think so and I told him because
1. he mentioned in his book that he doesn't like to read
2. the writing is as if he were speaking the words
3. lastly, because he is in the music world and musicians use CuBase
It would only be a natural transition for him to one day ask "isn't there a way I can digitize my voice the same way we digitize music from a keyboard in a program that turns it into key notes and turn my voice into editable text"?
Reasonable right? and yes, in my dream he confirmed my psychic notion.

I think I should really buy MacSpeech Dictate now. What do you think? I mean if Eminem uses it in my dream, then I should too.
Afterall, I am writing my memoir.

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