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Me with Rory

Friday, December 26, 2008

Toyota truck goodbyes

Here she sits at the dealership when I visited her a week ago.
My loyal Toyota Tacoma has been taken off the road forever as it failed the frame inspection on XMas eve. Toyota had a recall (really and extended warranty problem, something or other) on the frame and has been inspecting 95-2000 Tacomas to make sure they are safe.
So my black beauty failed and will soon be on its way to a .... insert sad face...crusher.
Daughter got me a Priceline.com ticket for about $200. to fly to Georgia to buy this truck. I drove the beauty all the way back up North and have been bonded to it ever since. My little friend, Blondie, rode in the back; my niece and nephew rode in the back; and Smiley and his friend rode in the back all '4 Wheelin', sans the 4x4 part, to or from my campsite!
Most recently my boss heard its wheels spin on his voice mail as I tried successfully to get it up the hay road to check on my campsite while taking Smiley and his friend on an adventure.
Remembering the day Jeff pimped-my-ride with the rain guards he put over the windows.
Remembering the time the squirrels ate through the harness and it cost me $$$$$ and BIL's skillful hands to replace it.
Sad day, but as daughter reminds me ...now I can get a 'new' truck and have fun looking for one, also I am happy to get a 4x4 this time for all my off-roading.


Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry the Toyota is being buried (hopefully recycled).
I'm sure you will find a nice truck ready for your new adventures!

Treefort said...

I am sad about my loss, but thankful we never got hurt in it! I am also really excited about getting a 4 wheel drive. We can really go off road then.