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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another tree tagged for dropping

Barry, the well digger, came out and looked everything over. No surprise that there is still one more tree to fell. The boom has to go up 40 feet so the branches are in the way. He says having limbs fall on you from 30 or 40 feet in the air is not good. (I picture them turining into killer spears as they fall).
I had asked him out to the property a while back and I asked his advice on everything for the well. He happily shared with me his knowledge, he even threw in advice on building and excavation. Every time he speaks to me I get a little insight into his world. The one where he says no one asks his opinion on the site, as I had, he says he is 'just the dumb well guy' (mimicking customers) and that they just point to where they want the well and say "over there".
Wow, I cracked up because he is second generation well digger and he use to help his father all while he grew up. I can't image not asking his opinion! He told me all the depths of the wells around and to not go up the hill with it (keep it low), make sure it is 25 feet from the house in case I need to have the house sprayed with pesticides, keep the well area accesssible for repairs, etc.
Yesterday he came out and checked things over again, saw a small tree that needed to come down, went home and got his saw, came back and cut it and then cut into the other tree to mark it for felling.
He says there is still too much mud and ruts right off the road, but let's wait for it to freeze up. Next time he says use huge course stone first unless we do use the shale from the mound like we had planned originally.
It is snowing again, so I will have to go back out and shovel tomorrow.

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