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Me with Rory

Friday, September 11, 2009

Maps are signed

I just checked in with the building department and the maps are signed, but one form wasn't. The clerk and I went to school together, so she called the chairman and asked him if he could come back and sign the form. I checked back in and the chairman was there doing it. Yahoo.
Small towns are so great in that sense and since I know the chairman's brothers from the school bus ride he has been really helpful also.
We use to ride 50 minutes to school everyday and knew everyone along that route pretty well.

Right from work, I'll go grab the maps and the form and go to the first county agency I need to go to to start the filing process. I doubt if I'll make the second county office, but you never know.

I'll have to go fuel up my truck on break and grab something to eat.

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