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Me with Rory

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Voted In

The Planning Board voted yes to the subdivision. Yeah!

The surveyor spoke at the public hearing with me. He was worth every penny and when I think about the three meetings he attended the two visits at the property with me/Ma, The many site visits he did, including last fall, and all the measuring, point posting, metal detecting (when we were looking for markers from 1912, which neither one of us ever found), drawing he did, prints he made, he was really reasonable. He gave a ton of his time on the phone and in person.

Now more paperwork is in my future. I have to pick up the maps once signed, get a copy of the letter they are sending to Ma saying it was approved, go to one county building and pay $25. for them to do a tax search to verify that Ma has paid her taxes (I can't bring proof, they do a search themselves), and I get permission to file the maps from them in the form of a receipt, and one other thing there which I have forgotten. Then I go to another county building to file the maps and pay another $25. and get on the new tax roll for assessment, and I have to pay $10. for some other thing.
Simple. lol

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