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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Septic Field

To wrap up the sand post from July 2010... all the sand trucks came in over a two day period delivering guaranteed septic sand. 32 truck loads!

The road had a tough time holding up to all that tonage. The excavator had to continuously dig up shale out of the hillside and dump it in the ruts. All the drivers were great even though they had a tough job of getting in and out of the site.

The excavator told a driver we were going to need about four more loads when I had told dispatch two. It was pretty funny that the company took his word instead of mine, but I found out about it before the delivery was loaded, so I was able to stop it. I have to remember that construction places are used to the male excavators or male GC's calling for deliveries not the girly homeowner. lol

Of course without fail there was equipment trouble with the excavator, some hoses blew. Time was lost with that one, but it all worked out. Good thing my instinct told me to only get two last loads because the excavator wasn't working to spread any more than that.

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