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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Basement toilet

After much thought and absolutely no experience, I have decided to do a pump-up all-in-one system.
I have a lot of slope, but not quite enough to get the toilet in the basement without sinking the septic tank up to 8'. It would also need pipes under the concrete floor which means elbows and more time and more money, etc.

The plumber said it would cost more to do all under concrete floor plumbing than to use the pump unit.

The excavator is concerned about the depth for the tank. It would have to have a tower to the grade and he could hit rock in the dig. So, that also could cost more. It is all definitely more labor for all of it.

The pump system is sort of camp/boat-like to me and not a first choice, but considering the entire basement bathroom project it is the simplest, most affordable and seemingly most practical.

What are you doing today with no experience?

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