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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend research on Radon

The problem of radon has come up a number of times through my building process. I kept considering it, but not fully acting on it beyond asking for a quote on setting up the vent in the sub-slab. I asked some people about it and some brought it up to me.

On Thursday as the frost wall forms were in place, I asked the building inspector what he thought. He thought I should do it and had said he meant to tell me that the week before.

I spent Saturday fine tuning my letter to the draftsperson that was no good. The letter is asking for him to return my money. I haven't mailed it yet, but probably will do so tomorrow.

Then, I read info on radon. I read some on Friday, too. I looked online and spent time reading the voluntary code. Today, same thing. I was tired of staying in and I wanted to get out, but needed to finish reading about it.

I finally left home and went to my friends garage sale before I was to go to the lumber store to buy the vent pipes. Thank God I saw my friends, because the husband use to do Radon mitigation!
So after he gave me solicited advice on how to do it, he said he would do it!

I offered to hire him and he said he would come tomorrow to set the pipe. I have to run out in the morning to get the materials.

What surprise did you get this weekend?

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