I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Monday, June 25, 2012


It strikes me so funny when I tell someone that I am hiring the contractors, getting the materials, etc. and they are so shocked.

The look that came over two people today was like that of disbelief or shock.

I try to explain what I am doing -something about the process-and it is more like I am speaking another language.

It makes me think that people overseeing the building of their own homes is a dying art.
When I grew up the neighbors all built their own homes, or built them with their families.

Then it sort of shifted to homeowners hiring a local carpenter type to do it.

Nowadays, it seems one hires a general contractor-large building company- to do it all and the landowner just moves in when it is finished in four to five months.

I am proud of myself for doing this even though I have wanted to quit a million times. I also think perhaps I am too romantic for my own good-having the idea that building ones own home was a romantic ideal. lol

Are you too dreamy for your own good?

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