I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Rise and Shine and get my butt outta bed.

Picked up Suzie at 4:45, yes, AM!!! She had generously volunteered to go with me in to the dark and spooky woods at 5am. Am I lucky or what, to have a friend like her? We had so much fun. I asked if she was ready for an adventure and while laughing, she said she was.

Off we went, flashlights and floodlights in hand. I had a box cutter in my pocket just in case we had to skin The Bear (as he is called). Once at the property with video camera in hand, we found our way in the misty rain, through the mud and over downed tree branches, through the intermittent creek, up the knoll, and squeezed between the excavator and the 6' hole, laughing. Hearing shale falling way beneath our feet, we made it to the other side where the perc holes are. Yeah!
I felt like dancing around and was showing Suzie each hole and what is was for and how deep they were. I showed her the water supply kept under the pine tree in the tin honey cans. We were giggling and acting like children in the excitement and drama of the moment, there in the dark, in the rain, in the moment that effects my future, all of our futures out on the hill.

The perc holes were still covered with plywood and tin to protect them from the rain. I removed the covers and in unison we remarked at how dry they looked down deep. After I put in a couple of gallons of water, Suzie thought I should do more. The directions were unclear, the paperwork said to presoak it, and the phone call notes said to fill it. I went to about 22 inches full and we decided that was enough. Budding engineers we are. Always best to decide collectively, that assuredly makes us correct.

We stood there a bit and watched for it to drain. Suzie saw it drain, I was too preoccupied. On the second hole, I saw it go down. Happy with our success, we tromped off back to the truck and around the mountain to Suzie's house where she had freshly made coffee cake cooling for us to eat.

What really amazed me is how much one can accomplish when they get up early and get a move on, of course, I'm exhausted now and it isn't even morning break time at work.

Hours later the perc test is rescheduled again. The county said not to shoot my foot and we should wait til next Tuesday 10am. (Didn't I try to reschedule yesterday when I asked to do it next Monday or Tuesday and the county said it was just a little shower, no biggie, cover up the holes and they will be fine???) Go figure.

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