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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

These are wetland type leach fields. Plant life decomposes the waste, cleaning it, and then filters it back into the environment. This is more natural, more condusive to the environment.
Many have liners or cells underneath it all. Bacteria in the tank decomposes the solids. Only the already broken down liquid is piped to the wetland area, for further cleansing, before it releases back to nature through evaporation.
The tank does it's job, and then, instead of leaching into pipes buried under 800 yards of sand it would leach into this controlled wetland area.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory USED to have a cool waste water filtration system set up in back.

sink and shower waste was filtered, airated, pumped thru a bunch of pebbles, then sand, then plants!! it was pretty neat.

in germany i worked on a house that contained a "gray water" tank. All your sink and shower water went to the gray water tank and that then supplied water to the toilet (which only got flushed after a #2 BTW!!)

Treefort said...

I do want to have gray water system after the house gets the CO. All that soap and bleach kills the bacteria in the septic tank. The bacteria that decomposes the solids. Hellooooo.

Treefort said...

And thanks for the commens geeksinrome.