I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Concrete foundation guy

One of the two concrete guys I have been considering came out to the property yesterday. He looked over the house plans and site.
He chatted a bit with the excavator who was there clearing and it looked like they sort of knew each other and got along.
He was supposed to bring foundation window samples, forgot, but had one large one in his car. From him there seem to be two choices. One wooden framed (basically vinyl window with wood frame) and vinyl (which I didn't see) where instead of the wood frame he said it is plastic. The latter being $40.00 more. Huh? I thought they would be less.
The wood frame is cedar and comes in two sizes.
It all went pretty well and then he left.
The downside to him is he sends guys out to site and he actually won't be there. I hate that. He said he won't be there for the footings and I am not sure if he is there for all of the form setting and pouring or part of it. The upside is a ton of people know his name and no one has a bad thing to say about him.

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