I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Excavator returned my latest message (which I left today) and said he is bringing his machine over tomorrow and start digging stumps out Fri/Sat. Yeah! I will have to go out there and get some video of it. I asked him to leave some holes from stumps (I marked) for me to put bushes in. lol Because it is way toooooo hard to dig and plant more than an inch or two with all that shale and barely any topsoil. Excavator guy, said I can leave all the messages I want. lol

And, concrete guy said he is coming out Saturday at noon to look at site, show me window samples, look at new plans, etc. I talked to him at length last year, but we never met and since the plans have been redrawn I have to give him a new set. He wants me to call him in the morning to remind him.

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