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Monday, November 10, 2008

Well pounding ready to start

Barry Berger came out on Sunday (rained Saturday) and it all went great. 
He had a cancellation and said he can start pounding as soon as I am ready! So I won't have to wait until the beginning of next year, as he had first thought. Yeah!
He is going to mail me a contract. I am moving forward. 
He wants 2 grand deposit when he arrives and starts pounding, 2 grand minimum (in case he hits water at 50 feet he can still make his costs, etc. for prep, pounding, set up, etc.), that seems fair, and $75. for shoe that goes around the casing and seals it at the bottom of the casing, plus pump. 
Pump cost is subject to need, ie: half horse power pump or one and a half horse, etc.
He said the well can be any distance from the house (no closer than 25' because if the house needs any pesticide, there is a 25' minimum). He said if the pump can pump 800' up from the earth it can pump hundreds of feet across to a house and up inclines.
The cost break out is $25.00 a foot for pounding depth, $18.00 a foot for casing (40 foot minimum) plus the shoe, plus the pump = total (2 grand minimum). 
In addition, after the home gets erected, Sammy will need to dig the trench for the pipe from well to house, and Barry will come back out, at separate cost, to do hook up at each point.
He was extremely helpful, gave his time, expertise, and advice. He was very clear about everything. Of course, growing up helping his Dad do wells his entire life helps, and the fact he knows all the wells around the property because he dug them, his father dug them, or he has repaired them. 
He said for me to not consider going any further up the side road away from Mom's with the well than the mid way point June found. He said the water was more toward Mom's.
He said most of the people up the Hill had very deep wells (this is what others told me too, and matches up with the dowser that the upper end of the property didn't have anything).
He works with dowsers and is supportive of that ideology.
I need to have the culvert dropped into the intermittent stream in order for him to get his truck in. I also need to get some more trees down (only 2 big ones ) rest are all small.

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