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Me with Rory

Monday, September 29, 2008

Advice from Anonymous

Today, Anonymous told me that I should not shop price for well diggers. He explained that an inexpensive well driller may go thousands (slight exaggeration) of feet needlessly to make money. My Unc had said that they must go down a hundred and ? feet to make the money back for what it costs them to show up with the truck and dig.
I need my water to come in at 70 feet.
Then Anonymous explained further that everyone needs to make money at what they do. He said the two well guys I am thinking of are the most honest and that they actually even work together at times. He said that they will only dig (pound) as far as necessary and that as soon as they hit water they stop. They don't go past it. This was very good to hear. Anonymous definitely knows the scoop because of his work in the field.

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