I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marking out the site

Sammy stopped out yesterday and checked out the woods building sites with me a bit. He may be back tonight to spend a little more time on it, because we are doing the perk test soon and need that site locked down as much as possible. Sammy thinks my new first pick site may be the best.  I asked him to clear a way for the well pounder truck at the same time, because he'll have the excavator in the woods for the perk test, so why not clear the path at the same time. No need to bring it back later to make way for the truck. We scoped out potential paths for dryness, angles and slopes, while keeping as many of our trees as possible. 

After eating my balogna sandwich in the woods, I began to mark out the potential purchase area last night with all my left over string and twine. This will give a great visual for Ma and everyone, including the surveyor. 
It is more than 2 acres for sure, it may be 4 due to dowsers results, power lines, intermittent stream, etc. The power lines and stream push the house back to the middle of the property and then the dowsers well site pick is almost down to the curve in the road.

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