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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Converted barn

No word on the barn yet, but I am thankful for the time. The more time I have to get the perk test and the well dug the better. I don't want to know if I am getting the barn until I am ready for the foundation, because I may have to move fast with the take down. I am not sure how fast the present owner wants it off his property. I hope he is not concerned with a deadline as that will be better for me. I'd rather have the foundation all poured and laid up and then crane the barn sections in place right on top of the foundation walls, ready to go.

I have the architect, Crow, lined up. She is in the same town I work in. Sammy recommended her and when I spoke with her on the phone she seems really down to earth. I haven't asked her about a barn conversion yet, but I have inquired as to costs and time frame for drawings. From my movie experience I know I want her to come out to the barn and measure it up before the move. My daughter is lined up to do additional measurements for drawings especially for the interior. The architect will obviously do what she needs to do for the building inspector and to get the CO, but anything extra design-y I want my daughter to do.

I have been researching tons of barn books, barn Web sites, barn restorers, etc. Feel free to post any interesting research you come across in my comments section. I still need to line up info on cataloguing all the boards and beams for the take down. Princess's friend is my resource for getting the cataloguing info. I really hope we can move sections of whole wall and not dismantle it completely.

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Bashir Ahmad Gwakh said...

Janice, yoy have some cool stuff here. I love the vidoes...Put some in posts too!