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Monday, September 29, 2008

Perk now on Thursday

The rain is delaying the perk test for a couple of days. I am cool with it, though, and not disappointed. The dryer, the better. The rain keeps coming and that won't support my goal to perk, perk, perk.
As much as I know this is a pivotal event in the project, I would rather delay than to rush it for no good reason. I know the well is critical also, but I have every confidence in there being water exactly where June and Betts found it dowsing.
The perk test is now scheduled for Thursday at 10am. I am meeting Sammy at 4 today to go over things on the land.
I hauled a bunch of water up there over the weekend. I half filled the rusty honey cans and lugged them in and up the knoll with my trash-find wheelbarrow.
I had pick-axed a hole the other day down to 15". I marked off two other holes yesterday. I played around with my dowsing rods and asked for the best spot to perk, the most shale, sand, and not clay, and whalla! The dowsing rods led me to three spots all forming a triangle. The main one I had already dug in was one of them. Let's wait and see what happens. The rods led me to an additional two other spots, too, but not a third.
I prayed while I burned sage to have a good perk if the land would have me live there. I asked permission to dig and build there.
I also marked off a driveway for the upper end. I had previously thought that I would have the driveway closer to the well, but gosh, I think that area may be really wet in the spring. The upper driveway spot is higher and dryer looking.
I will see what Sammy thinks, but right now I think we'll clear for the well truck in the lower end of the building site and clear for the driveway in the upper end. I do not believe the well truck would be able to get to the well easily from the driveway spot. The truck would have to make some sharp angles and go down a slope.
The more time I spend in the woods the clearer the location for everything is becoming.

There are some nasty chemicals being used on the roof here at work, so I may have to clear outa here again as I did last week one day. Yucky! They are replacing the roof with some glue process.

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