I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Water Witches

The dowsing for water happened today! We each played in the woods, feeling our way for water. Betts and June each found the same vein! June, our mentor, believes there are two veins each coming in from the road and then they merge at a central point, one over the other. One is at 70 feet and the other at 120 or 130 (I forgot exactly).
I am really exited. I staked out the vein at three or four places, using a double stake where they merge. June advised this is the place to pound the well.
I went up early and set up lawn chairs, donuts and juice, and set my sledge hammer and stakes in a convenient spot ready to use. It looked like a little work picnic in the woods.
Betts brought June out and we met up about 8:40am. You know I was tired. I woke up at 3:33am and then kept waking, until I finally gave it up and laid in bed thinking some things over.
Once we met up we walked up the hill and wove through the trees to 'base camp'.
I had the toy-like dowsing rods, Betts the welding rods, and June her wire coat hangers. Theirs are about 6 inches high and maybe 18 inches long, mine 4" high, 7" long.
I showed them my first, second and third choice building lots first, although I really wasn't sure if those were the only spots I might like to build on. Later I found another one I liked. June reassured me that where the water was would help me narrow down the choices.
After everyone left I went back in and walked about some more (it never seems to be enough) searching for the best route to get the backhoe in for the perk test. Once I get a cleared path for it I can bring it in and dig the holes. I really want to do the dig myself, but it depends on whether or not Jeff will let me use his backhoe. Or even if he will instruct me on site and let me make the dig. What fun! I get out of work tomorrow at 2 so I will go see Jeff face to face and see what he thinks about the whole business. If he isn't keen on it, I'll move on, no problem. Someone told me about a place in Greenville that rents equipment and I can still ask my uncle about his backhoe, too. His is really huge though and has to be trailered by a huge truck, so that option is less appealing than Jeff's.


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