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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

County Clerk

Stopped in to the County Clerk's record room to check on judgements against any of the contractors I am considering.

I put in the name of the concrete guy I want to use and a ton of stuff came up. I was confused. Criminal this criminal that criminal, civil, criminal, criminal, criminal.


Okay, chill, maybe I am doing something wrong. I called a record's clerk over to check on what I was doing and she said it was right. But that all the entries were not all charges. They are filings, so there actually are three criminal charges since 1997, 1998, and 2004. She looked up the cases for me and they are all for DWI's.

It also occurred to me that he lives in the next county, so if he has convictions in my county what about his. Turns out I have to go to that county to see is he has convictions there, too.

I got three good recommendations for him and now I am back to the drawing board.
My BIL heard the guy is bad news.

Now what?

I don't like the one guy because he won't be on the job site, didn't give me a concrete solid number, and treated me as second class.

Another guy was way too slick, tried to get me to get rid of my excavator and use his, and was waffle-y about the price as he kept coming down saying he would take this off and include this and that. He said he really wants the job, but I don't like him.

Plus there is the guy I met who was getting divorced and was slightly higher than others at the time.

Sometimes too much information is bad news, too. I contacted still yet another concrete guy today, so I will see what he says.

I was already to have the hole dug this week and now, not sure what to do.

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