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Monday, May 21, 2012

Double doors

My ongoing search for basement doors continues.

As soon as my foundation walls are up I have to get a framer in to frame up my walk-out wall and cap the foundation. That means I need to have the access door/s all ready to be hung. I am concerned about the vulnerability to the outside world in a space not well monitored. 

So far, I have looked at pretty, although fiberglass, double doors with windows and solid ones. The ones I looked at didn't allow for storm doors or screen doors, either. I can see on a warm summer day wanting to open up that basement space for a party and having screens there would be great and I don't want screen panels. 

I got to thinking that I could have two single doors put together - mirroring one another. But I am not sure how the latching would work. All I can figure out is that one door would be bolted at the top and bottom and the other one would be the working latch.

I spoke with a contractor today who said that two single doors jam up a lot and he suggested I look at a 36" wide door. I had never considered that, but now I downloaded a bunch of pics of just that.
Too many decisions...not finding quite the right solution for me.


What solutions have you found for just-the-right basement door?

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