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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plumbing details

I am still trying to work out the plumbing issues of having a toilet and shower/sink in the basement. I thought that it would be easy, of course I did. I have tons of slope since the house is up on a knoll and the leach field down below. Well, turns out, knowing I have to slope 1/4" for every foot and I have an 8' tall foundation wall, and a foot deep footing, and the septic pipes will be about 18" deep in leach field that I may not have enough slope. Amazingly.

This picture is from the house site looking down the slope to the leach field.

In part, because the septic tank has to be part of the equation. The County Guy told me if I have it too far away (which is what I need to make it work) it can stress the pipe and his advice is to not have it more that 25' away from house.

One plumber I spoke with yesterday said forget that (since no one knows what it means) and that I should be concerned about blockage.

Ah Ha.


This plumber spent almost two hours on the phone with me. I have no idea why. He told me about his father's death, his GC experience with his modular, his windows, wood stove, plumbing slopes, blockage,   pipe types, his automotive body-shop business, his plumbing business, and more. Wow.

Another plumber was unconcerned and said to call him when I am ready to have pipes put in.

At the last minute the excavator wanted to go back out to property to do discuss it all with me and sadly I missed his call yesterday! Of course when I called back, twice, he didn't call me back.

Have you missed an important call?

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