I am building my first home. Lucky me because it is in the woods! It is an adventure I surely will not forget.

Me with Rory

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sworn to secrecy

I was above the clouds tonight and would have felt God if I stayed a few more moments.

I jumped into a white pickup as though I had known this guy forever. Truth is, I just met him, but in my defense of not-being-crazy is that I knew his sisters back in high school. He showed me his foundation that the one guy I might hire did for him. White-pickup-guy gave a thumbs up to hiring the concrete guy I liked.

You know how every once in a while someone walks into your life and things just click as if you were old friends? I called this guy out-of-the-blue and he invited me to come to see his foundation. It was perfect, straight and smooth.

I had so much fun it was like being a kid again. Him meeting me, riding in his truck, going inside a gated property, up that winding steep road, looking down at treetops, seeing the clouds down below me yet above a farm and pond.

I was scared I would get sick from the height, scared that I would fall off the edges of the road, scared to look down or that he would roll the truck off the side of the cliffs...

I am still high from the experience. I want to dream about it.

This guy made me swear to secrecy about my visit to his spot. It was incredible, high up on a mountain, I got to look down at farms, ponds, tree tops, and clouds. It is chained and gated with heavy metal, greeted with stop do not proceed signage, and a winding road meant for security. He invited me to come back as long as I didn't bring anyone with me. This place is so unbelievable I still can't shake off my astonishment. The building was not like anything I have ever seen and the land was breathtaking. He cut the trees down, milled the wood, made the timbers, constructed the building, and designed everything.

I love creative people. He did with his hands what I dreamed of doing and wanted to do, but couldn't. He built off his own land.

The secrecy aspect of it only added to the high. He told me over and over to swear that I would not tell a soul that I saw his property. I had to promise.


Then he made me promise again.


Then he said I had to promise again.

Have you ever broken a promise?

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